Organic Unwind & Uplift Ritual Tea


Recharging, uplifting tea great for re balancing especially when feeling out of sorts emotionally, whilst being gently caffeinated.

Makes 38 standard mugs

Gently caffeinated.

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Our herbalist Jo George has carefully selected this blend of fragrant medley of organic herbs to uplift, relax and balance your mind and spirit. Ultimately this blend helps you unwind and have a moments peace and calm whilst being reinvigorating. This fragrant blend is designed to open your senses allowing the therapeutic benefits to encourage feelings of harmony.Elegant, and fragrant, with a hint of citrus.

Perfect for those seeking emotional comfort and a lift in spirit. Perfect as a gift or a lovely self treat.


Organic ingredients

  • Bak Mu Dan white tea (white peony) – antioxidant, uplifting, immune system booster.
  • Rose petals – contain vitamin C and have natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Orange peel – natural booster loaded with vitamins, enzymes and pectin.
  • Linden flowers – relieve stress and anxiety, detoxify, reduce inflammation.
  • Lemongrass – naturally antibacterial used to treat digestive disorders and colds.

Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 8 × 16 cm