The Bee Bible: 50 Ways to Keep Bees Buzzing (Hardback)


A very cute and beautifully produced book that I defy you not to love.

For all the bee enthusiasts or simply if your interested in gardening or helping in lots of simple, easy, different ways to preserve our dying bee population. These busy little bees pollenate our planet and are sadly endangered. Honey bees and Bumblebees are all disappearing from our gardens and wildlife spaces. Lots of different ideas on how you can help make little changes to help. 

Did you know, as bees get older they become more forgetful?

Or that the bee hive is a masterclass is matriarchal living?

Ever wondered just how fast a bee can fly? Or just how much honey a bee can make in its little life?

Is really true that, if bees go extinct, civilisation could only last four years?


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Dimensions: 180 x 110 mm

Bees and humans are inseparable. In The Bee Bible, best-selling author Sally Coulthard shows us fifty positive ways we can all save bees; from planting flowers bees love to mowing less, buying the right honey to influencing public spaces and government policy. Whether you garden for bees, shop with bees in mind, campaign for bees, or just learn a bit of bee-whispering, little things can make a big difference. Just ask a bee.

Sally Coulthard takes the reader on a fascinating flight through the history, science, folklore, behaviour, and cultural significance of the bee. From the earliest evidence of keeping honeybees to why a bee sting hurts, or how bees talk to each other, make honey and build their hives, this heartwarming guide waxes lyrical on the insect voted the nation’s best loved bug.

We need bees. We rely on them not only to pollinate our planet but to sweeten our lives with the fruits of their labours – honey, beeswax, Royal Jelly. These tiny, hardworking insects have transformed our lives with their quiet diligence; fertilising much of our food, most of the wild plants we rely on, and giving us thousands of years of sugary pleasure, candlelight and beauty treatments. But bees are in danger. Across the planet, bee numbers are plummeting. Honey bees, fat, fluffy bumblebees and key species of solitary bees are disappearing from our gardens, fields and wild spaces. Over the past 50 years, the UK has lost more than half its solitary bee numbers and three species of bumblebee have gone extinct. In the rest of Europe, nearly one in ten species of wild bees are facing extinction, in the US about a quarter of all wild bees have disappeared in the past ten years alone. Thankfully, we can do something if we act now.


‘Coulthard is a fine writer’ Yorkshire Times.

‘A useful and beautiful gift … Full of fascinating facts’ Yorkshire Post.

‘We all want to help the beleaguered bee and Sally Coulthard’s latest book The Bee Bible is a great place to start’ Amateur Gardening.

‘Sally Coulthard’s beautifully presented book explains all you need to know about starting a bee hive, and why you would want to’ This England.


Publisher: Head of Zeus

ISBN: 9781788545815

Number of pages: 144

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