LEON Happy Salads (Hardback)


Divided into chapters that include Classics, Naturally Fast, Salads for Friends, Family Salads and Lunchbox, this book contains salads for all tastes and all occasions. Whether you’re looking for a bright salad with which to dazzle your friends, or a simple salad to take to the office, this book is a must-have kitchen staple.

By Jane Baxter

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204 x 210 x 26 mm


Leon was founded on the twin principles that food can both taste good and do you good. In this book, Leon authors Jane Baxter and John Vincent bring together 100 recipes for fresh, vibrant, delicious salads that will have you feeling healthy and happy.

Recipes include:

Pink Quinoa Salad

Polish Herring Salad

Ham Hock and Lentil Salad

Vietnamese Chicken Salad with Rice Noodles

Courgetti with Pesto and Grated Ricotta Salata

Bacon Fried Corn with Greens, Pork and Crisp Sweet Potato

Black Rice Salad with Peas, Egg and a Curry Dressing

Asparague, Couscous, Feta & Orange

Leon Original Superfood

Hot-smoked Salmon, Beetroot, Horseradish & Dill


Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781840917185

Number of pages: 224

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Dimensions 20.4 × 20.6 × 2.6 cm


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