Bowls of Goodness: Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes Full of Nourishment (Hardback)


Bowls of Goodness combines the current love for everything in bowls with a creative take on whole food. Featuring flavour and ingredients from all over the globe, Bowls of Goodness gives you every possible take on a bowl with good food. It really has everything: breakfast, salads, grain bowls, pasta, noodles, stews, veg and proteins, sides and even sweets. The recipes are easy to follow and even though the lists for ingredients may sometimes seem on the long side, you’ll never stand in the kitchen for too long.

By Nina Olsson

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Nina’s recipes are always vegetarian and often vegan. Her food philosophy is all about balance and fun. `Good food comes from a good source and is made from scratch at home with love.’ This is wholesome vegetarian food at its best, inspired by cooking from around the world. It captures many of the ongoing culinary trends today – home-cooked comfort meals, plant-based recipes, power bowls, sharing dishes, salads, smoothies and porridges – foods that can all be served in a bowl. The chapters are Morning Bowls, Comforting and Energising Soups, Fresh and Delicious Salads, Grain Bowls, Noodles, Zoodles and Pasta, Hearty Bowls, Gatherings and Sweets. With recipes including a Cosmic Green Smoothie; a Buddha Bowl; Creamy Avocado and Crispy Kale Soba Noodles; a Laksa Luxe Bowl; and Chai Poached Pears with Coconut Ice Cream, this book gives you easy recipes brimming with vitality and health.

About the Author

Nina Olsson is the author of four cookbooks including the best selling cookbook “Bowls of Goodness (Kyle Books, Hachette, UK), She regularly contributes to food and travel magazines and creates recipes for clients and editorial commissions. Nina is an award-winning creative with 10+ years as a creative and art director for food magazines, a travel writer and photgrapher, and a recipe developer for climate smart, plant-based food. She is Swedish and lives in Amsterdam with her family and a cat.

Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780857833914

Number of pages: 192

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